Interview: Lisa Rizzo


Lisa Rizzo Marcia Meier recently spoke with Lisa Rizzo to discuss her poetry, motivations, and inspirations threaded throughout her work. Rizzo is a poet, blogger and world traveler who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. A middle school teacher by profession, Lisa has published a chapbook of her poetry and blogs frequently about her travel adventures. Her blog, Poet Teacher Seeks World , is chock-full of her insightful and keen observations during her global jaunts, which also informed much of her chapbook,  In the Poem an Ocean . Her poems are earthly, nostalgic, piercing and always surprising.

Meier and Rizzo chatted recently about the poet’s passions and her life.

Meier: What inspired you to begin writing poetry?

Rizzo: I started writing poetry because I was desperate. Even though I had always wanted to write, I only dabbled with it until I was in college. Then I began to attempt writing fiction. I tried over…

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3 thoughts on “Interview: Lisa Rizzo

  1. Hello, Lisa – thank you for following my Message Poems website. I cannot find a contact email for you so have to contact you this way.

    The message poems website was made specifically for National Poetry Day 2016, and now the competition winners have been judged and posted, it will no longer be in use.

    I am therefore writing to each follower, including you, to let you know that my main website will continue to have poems and poetry news posted, and if you’d like to follow that one instead, its address is:

    Thank you for your support!


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